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Our plastic profiles

At EcoProfiles, we stock a variety of recycled plastic profiles, from angle profiles to U profiles. We can supply the profiles in various lengths and colors. We only supply rigid PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) profiles. All our profiles consist of a minimum of 25% recycled rigid PVC, which can be increased to fully recycled rigid PVC. Below you can view our profiles in stock. As we at EcoProfiles produce our own molds, we are able to supply any solution in addition to the standard profiles we have in our range. Our custom-made profiles, as we call them.

Angle profile

Our plastic angle profiles have several functions. Among other things, the profiles are used to finish and reinforce corners, provide a transition from one wall to another, or for increasing safety. We have symmetrical and asymmetrical angle profiles, also called L profiles. Angle profiles can be mounted by stapling, screwing, nailing, or gluing.

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Impressie gerecycled kunststof U-profiel
U profile

Our plastic U profiles have several functions. For example, U-shaped profiles are used for finishing edges and corners and protecting edges - panel edges, for example. There are various U profiles; for example, we have symmetrical U profiles, asymmetrical U profiles, and wall connection profiles. Wall connection profiles are used to connect various surfaces to the wall.

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Impressie gerecycled kunststof kamerprofiel
Chambered profile / Box profile

Our plastic chambered profiles, and box profiles have various functions. The chambered profile and box profile are used for cladding walls and ceilings or for finishing frames, among other things. There are several chambered profiles in our standard range, for example, a chambered angle profile. Chambered profiles or box profiles can be mounted by stapling, screwing, nailing, or gluing.

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Impressie gerecycled kunststof platstrip
Flat strip / Ventilation profile

Our plastic flat strips are ideal for finishing gaps, seams, and transitions. In our standard range, we have various sizes of flat strips - the standard size is 40 mm wide and 2 mm thick. Our plastic ventilation profiles do the same job as flat strips but allow for proper ventilation. Both flat strips and ventilation profiles can be mounted by stapling, screwing, nailing, or gluing.

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