Recycled plastic angle profile

2D tekening hoekprofiel

Angle profiles

We have various angle profiles in stock; please see below. Is the desired size not included? Thanks to our mold shop, we can also supply custom-made plastic profiles. You can find more information about this on our 'Technical profiles' page. Is the size you need included? Then you can easily request a quote or information using the button below.

*The dimensions of A, B, and D are in mm

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Symmetrical angle profiles, sharp
Article numberA    B    C    D         Color      Length in cmUnits per package
10.102ECO2020 1,8     White, Black 60020
10.104ECO3030 1,8 White, Black 60010
10.106ECO4040 1,8White, Black60010
10.130ECO4020 1,8Wit, Black60010
Asymmetrical angle profile, sharp
Article number    A    B     C    D      ColorLength in cm        Units per package
10.130ECO4020 1,8White, Black        600 10


Symmetrical angle profile, rounded
Article numberA    B    C    D    ColorLength in cmUnits per package
10.156ECO6030  2White, Black60010
10.5562ECO16080 3,4White600Loose